About Us

It is a keen desire of every person to attain education in a dream institute . However more the institution is worthy they charge their fees accordingly but it can not be afforded by many of the students and they have to leave their education because of financial issues . That is why we have developed this platform to provide information to all the students who want to get education but can not afford the high fees of institutes .Here we share Scholarships from all over the world Institutes which offer fully funded education for students. Moreover we provide newly announced opportunities for the Candidates who want to earn along with their studies . So we will share here all the latest full time as well as part time Jobs so that you can avail best opportunities according to your best Interest.

Vision and Mission:

updatss.com/ is a pakistani educational site established on 09 June 2021 for the purpose to facilitate the Students and educated persons who are looking for jobs according to their Interest including different era of specialization Computer Science, Biology, Pharmacology, MBBS, Nutritionist etc.

Educational Site http://updatss.com/ is here to be a Leader and best Platform for learners all around the world. Our mission is the provision of a first class learning experience that will equip students with the skills ability and knowledge to successful compete in their choosen discipline. We aim to provide access to relevant and challenging learning opportunities for all students regardless of their background. Our on going commitment to provide fair and equal treatment to our students, staff and anyone we deal . We insure a welcoming and friendly study and work environment . Approach to quality in teaching and learning.

Who can have benefit from this site:

  1. Candidates looking for a Job.
  2. Needy People
  3. Especially Women who are not allowed to go out to get education .
  4. Candidates who want to double their chances to find a job.
  5. Young Students

Our vision is to provide best of the knowledge and Information to facilitate the Youth through updatss.com.